Thanos Asfis

Timeworn architecture and sensory splendor guided Thanos’ initial foray into auberge and fashion photography. The son of a photostore owner, he transitioned from a spirited shutterbug to a decisive graduate of the European School of Photography. His first commission as a wedding professional arrived in the year 2000, and in 2006, he established his wedding photography brand.

Today, Thanos stands as one of Europe’s most distinguished wedding photographers. His talent for capturing fleeting moments propels him to delve deeper into the intricacies of each love story. Thanos imparts an editorial feel and a fashion-tinted approach to his imagery, adorned with well-thought reportage, all enveloped in vivid color and expertly harnessed light.

His timeless photographs have earned numerous accolades, gracing the pages of premier wedding portals. Recognized as one of Europe’s TOP 25 by Wed Vibes & The Wed magazines, Thanos continues to leave his creative mark capturing high-end events in Italy, France, and Greece.