Svenja Petersen

First of all – Thank you for being here. You know, I am just so thankful I get to call this my work. Documenting love and beautiful souls in it’s purest and most raw form.
My why? Well… It’s the people i get to meet. The love i get to witness from up close. The thankfulness that i receive the day but also still years after. The goosebumps i feel on my body from listening to all those heartfelt speeches. The warm hugs between family and friends. The laughs i get to hear and share with all the guests. The invitations, table settings and gifts that my eyes stumble upon. The most elegant flowers and beautiful dresses that are being worn. Suits. The big genuine smiles, but also the tears that are rolling down on all those cheeks. And then the rides home… Feeling exhausted, yet most alive. It’s honestly the most rewarding work i have experienced and i feel it completely, deeply within myself.