Privacy Policy

1 – We (Azulflojo, Servicios Gráficos S.L.U.) collect some of your data with cookies and forms on our website. All data are used to communicate with you and give service to our customers.

2 – All data we collect such personal info, payment details, customer address, are used to give you the service. All the sensible info we collect are given by you in our forms.

3 – Security is important for us, so any info here is under ssl encryption, and our computers aren’t used by anyone. Just us.

4 – You can access your data in you profile and you can change them anytime.

5 – We don’t send spam so if you receive any e-mail on our name, let us know it.

6 – You have the right to modify, cancel, or delete any of the data we have collected. As easy as email us at