Hello, I am Hà
Vietnamese-born human, I casually jumped on A plane years ago, and somehow landed in beautiful Paris, France in 2012. Between then and now, I became a mother of two little creatures I call ‘daughters’. Between then and now, I also became a professional wedding & lifestyle photographer based out of Paris and Europe.

My work is mixture of artistic portraits alongside documentary images capture the love stories of modern day romantics in a timeless, effortless style with an editorial flair.

My biggest passion is to capture couples through a lens that distinctively amplifies their love and feelings for each other, as well as their personal stories. No couple is the same and I feel privileged to portray each and every unique journey through my craft.

If I’m not strolling in new cities, exploring quaint cafés or looking for hidden love in unexpected places, I’ll most definitely be cooking my favorite dishes at home, spending time cuddling my two adorable daughters in bed, while escaping into the present moment with them wholeheartedly.