Dylan · I am a man who loves cats and Thanksgivings and I’m not afraid to admit it. Like many, I fell in love with Portland and all the people who this city attracts. I cycle & I motorcycle. Exploring the natural beauty this state has to offer is my favorite pass time. I can’t think anything more inspiring than a bit of fresh air and beautiful scenery whooshing by me. I often explore the surrounding mountains, Columbia Gorge and the Oregon Coast. I shoot weddings because I like good humans and being around them on their best day.

Sara · I wake up with the sunrise. I love how quiet mornings are. I’m obsessed with Portland. I moved here for the food, the coffee, and the unending natural beauty that surrounds the city. It’s no secret that I love to be outside and that big epic scenery is a huge inspiration for my photography. But a genuine love and connection between two people inspires me more than any cliff or waterfall. People often ask me why I shoot weddings. It’s simple, I like people and I like stories.