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As a child, I remember seeing the photograph of a couple whirling across the dance floor of Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom in New York. Perfectly steady ankles, flawlessly glowing eyes, silk satin cascading, two bodies orbiting, balancing each other – without its centre of gravity, such lightness would not be possible.

My career started from fashion photography and till today fashion is a great part of my creative journey. In 2011 I photographed my very first wedding in Santorini island, Greece. Back then I didn’t have even one bridal image in my portfolio, but nevertheless my first wedding couple trusted me to document their special day and I am forever grateful for that.

This first wedding was a kick-start to a new career path that I am still proudly on. Since then I have photographed more than 250 couples all over the world. From Greek islands to Amalfi Coast, Paris, London, Philippines, Zanzibar & Mexico, I have travelled to so many different corners of our planet, always with one goal in mind – document love in the most artful & thoughtful way.

Named Best Wedding Photographer in Europe