Ana Pastoria

Hello there! I’m Ana Pastoria, an unconventional wedding photographer with a passion for capturing love stories in the most unique and genuine way. I’m based in the stunning landscapes of Portugal, but you’ll often find me chasing moments across the world, one wedding at a time.

If you see my social I seem pretty standard, but behind all the beautiful things the world is allowed to see, I believe in breaking the norms and pushing the boundaries of traditional wedding photography by connecting deeply with my clients leading up to the big day. For me, it’s not just about taking pictures: it’s about creating lasting memories that reflect their true essence. In fact, I take so much pride in fostering meaningful relationships with my clients, understanding their individual personality and weaving it into every frame I capture that we often become friends and a few of them have been guests at my own wedding!

There’s a little bit of Cher in me just waiting to hit the dance floor. I’m all about living life to the fullest, and I strive to find way to let my work provide me with the freedom to do just that, which means I’m always looking for the best solution to make my working hours shorter so that I can take on every challenge live gives me head on and make the most of it.

A fun fact about how much I love weddings is that I’ve married the same person three times already and plan on doing it a few times more.

I can’t wait to be at The Wolves and share it all with you! Let’s break some norms, create memories, and dance the night away together!