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What is The Wolves?

The Wolves was born from the commitment to learning.

This project was created with the idea of having an unforgettable adventure in an amazing place and with people who want to share with and learn from others.
Learning, building relationships and gaining experience are the three pillars of The Wolves.

That’s not to say that creating a positive atmosphere and coexisting is not important to us, it is, but we are confident that this will happen naturally.

We will spend hours listening to the speakers explaining how they work, how they talk to their clients, how they manage their workflow, what the most important things in their work are, etc.

When and where will it be?

The dates of the workshop are November 21st-27th, arriving on the island Sunday the 21st and leaving Saturday the 27th.

The workshop takes place in La Graciosa, which is probably one of the few places in Europe where there are still no tarmac roads.  It’s the least-known and most serene of the entire Canarian Archipelago.

On this island of about 700 residents, tourism and fishing are the main industries.

Every year, tourists flock to the island for its temperate climate and its sandy volcanic coasts.  Streets and roads are unpaved sand, motor vehicles are strictly prohibited, limited to only a handful of licensed vehicles for special purposes.

The workshops will be held daily, with one speaker per day consisting of a theory class where questions can be asked, a live-shoot with a real couple and an editing session to follow.

How much does it cost and what is included?

The price of the workshop is now 1800€ which includes five days full of speakers and bonfire nights, a Wolves/free day, a welcome dinner and goodbye party.  Accommodation, return transport from the Lanzarote to Órzola and ferry to La Graciosa included.

Tickets are only refundable if you find a person to fill your spot.

What are the MasterClasses?

They are divided in two parts: The first one from 10:00 in the morning to 14:00 pm where each speaker will talk all about their work. The second one from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm where they will shoot four real couples in different locations of the Island.

After that thereʼs an editing session in the classroom.

What are the Bonfire Nights?

These happen during the night, we will relax on the beach while listening to some friends talk about their experiences and their approach to photography.

What is Wolves Night?

This night is one of our favorites. Here an attendee of one of the past Wolves editions and whose work begins to stand out comes to talk about his/her journey.

We are so proud of so many of our attendees so wanted to give them a space inside the workshop. Will you be the next?

What is the Wolves Day?

It’s a free day!  A day to disconnect and enjoy the beautiful island. To connect with people, take landscape photos, take photos of each other.

Ride a bicycle, lie on the beach, do whatever you feel like doing.

How do we get to La Graciosa?

You need to take a flight to Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain) Sunday 21st of November. From the airport, all of us will take a bus to Órzola, and from there, the same day 21st of November, we will take a ferry to La Graciosa. (Both the bus and ferry are included in the final price).

The bus will leave at 4.30pm The ferry will leave at 6.00pm Once you arrive to the port of La Graciosa weʼll be waiting for you to give all the info about apartments.

Where are we going to sleep and eat?

We will be staying in apartments right beside the beach. There are restaurants situated all around the island where you can eat. (Food not included in the price)

What time will we leave La Graciosa on Saturday?

The ferry will leave at 10am on Saturday the 27th. From Órzola we will take a bus and will arrive at the airport by 11:30am, so you can book your flight for some.time after that.

Full payment

With the total payment you have your place insured. If you need to cancel, you can sell your place to recover your investment.

Partial payment

With a partial payment we save your place and it will be effective when the second payment is done. The second Payment has to be done before June 30, 2021. If you need to cancel, you can sell your place to recover your investment.

Wolves Workshop

November 21ST – November 27TH


In La Graciosa

Canary islands


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